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Too old to start?

The longer an athletics career continues the more difficult motivation can become. The ability and desire to do the training can wane especially during inclement weather. Achievable goals need to be set and worked towards. Small steps in the direction of the ultimate. Records Motivate Muskett

Val Muskett knows about small steps, her little legs do many of them during a race.

On October the 2nd Sri Chinmoy had organised the 13th running of the 6, 12, 24 hour Track Races on the Sovereign Stadium, Auckland for athletes who wanted to find out just how much they could achieve.

Otago’s Val Muskett for once had entered a short race; the 12 hour had attracted her. But she had an ulterior motive.

Earlier in the year Andy Milroy, British Ultra statistician, had released an updated list of Ultra records that contained the World Age group records. Val being an avid reader checked them out and realised that some where in reach. A good 100k at Taupo on the road strengthened her determination to try to bring the track records to New Zealand from France and the USA.

As these were track records Val had to once again become a track athlete. Every Wednesday the 56 year old could be seen running around and around the Cally track in Dunedin whilst much younger athletes went through their sprinting drills and exercises. more...

60 metre sprint records review

After several requests from many of Australia's top masters sprinters there has been a major review of the 60m National sprint records.

Many Masters sprinters believed that handtimes should not be valid for 60m records.

Inflammatory Shin Pain - Tibial Stress Injuries


Shin pain is a common complaint among Athletes. This may range from a mild inflammatory process to a tibial stress fracture. more...

How To Run Faster

This article comes from Peak Performance, where you can find many more articles on running training. more...
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